Category Three: Data Collection and Sharing for Performance Measurement and Program Evaluation

The goal of Category Three is to develop aggregated data to measure performance and the effectiveness of programs and practices designed to achieve improved child and system outcomes. 

The following issues arise in Category Three:

  • Stakeholders need to develop a culture of accountability  through the establishment of strong performance measurement systems for each of the participating agencies and their collaborative efforts, taking into account:
    • establishment of clear goals;
    • provision of trained staff to meet goals;
    • fidelity, e.g., whether practices are consistent with policy; and
    • quality of practices.
  • Stakeholders need to develop their evaluation capacity which will involve decisions and activities within and among participating agencies regarding:
    • identification of measures of effectiveness;
    • establishment of baseline measures;
    • quality control and accountability for data collection;
    • allocation of costs; and
    • publication and use of aggregated data to promote evidence- based practices.
  • Safeguards may be needed against the potential for undesirable publication of individual case information in the data collection process